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With Brave Wings She Flies is a spoken word collection of empowering personal essays & poems for the women who are ready to reclaim their power, including:

Self-Love Is NOT Bullshit And Yes—You Need It

An Apology Letter To The Girls Struggling To Love Their Beautiful Bodies

To My Fellow Women: You Don’t Need The Garbage The World Is Trying To Sell You

What I’ve Learned Since Quitting My Job And Taking A Chance On Life​

For You On The Days When You Feel Unloved

I Dare You Not To Love Yourself Today

Fuck Pretty

I Am A Work Of Art In Progress

To My Fellow Goddesses—This Is Where Your Power Lives


Shani is on a mission to undress her beautiful soul, let her run wild & free, and lead and inspire women around the world to do the same.

She is the bestselling author of three books, empowerment mentor, leader of feminine soul awakening retreats, and an internationally published writer.

Her articles have reached and touched millions, while her books have made their way into the hands and hearts of thousands of women worldwide.