FEB-AUG 2020

with Shani Jay

Goddess Rising is an intimate 7 month immersion in living and leading the feminine way, and cultivating sacred sisterhood. 


This journey begins with an in-person retreat in England, followed by virtual soul circles each moon.



Exploring and embracing her divine feminine energy, and living in flow with her natural cycles


Awakening all 7 Goddess archetypes, and reclaiming your inner power as a woman.


Devoting time, energy, and space to reconnecting with her mind, body & soul, and learning love herself from the inside, out.


Healing past wounds and limiting beliefs, and re-discovering inner harmony & peace


Taking charge of her own destiny, and creating a beautiful, fulfilling life


Stepping into a sacred sisterhood, and giving & receiving love, support, and wisdom.


The Goddess is rising, and we are inviting and encouraging women worldwide to rise with us, and empower and inspire the women around you to rise, too.


When we reconnect with the ancient feminine wisdom we've forgotten, and allow our intuition to guide us, we are able to make strong decisions from the heart, and feel our way forwards.


When we live in flow with The Wheel Of The Year, the Lunar cycle, and the natural rhythm of our own body, we are able to harness the energy and power around us to create and live in harmony.


When we understand the Goddess archetypes, we are able to see the stories playing out in our lives today, discover what motivates & limits us, make conscious decisions that resolve inner conflicts, and lean in to our super powers.

When we enter into sacred circle with a group of loving sisters, we are able to tap into our deep wisdom, and feel seen, supported, and heard.


You found your way here for a reason.


This was no accident - there are no accidents.


Something in your soul is stirring.


You have heard the call, and it cannot be unheard.


Trust that you are being guided to where your soul needs to go.


Are you ready to join us, and let the Goddess within you rise?


Our Goddess Rising program includes:


  • One luxurious retreat in England, UK

  • Live moonly online soul circles with Shani

  • Digital workbooks 

  • A safe & supportive sisterhood

  • A program journal

  • Welcome pack 

  • & free bonus gift



Retreats are a beautiful way to unplug, create sacred space out of our daily lives, and come together as sisters. 

Our retreat will begin on February 9th 2020 on Full Moon, and end on February 15th.

This will be the beginning of our journey together. 

We will come together in the luscious countryside of England, get to know each other as sisters, and lay the foundations of our work together for the 7 months ahead. 


More details of the house, exact location, and itinerary will be sent to you once your place is confirmed on this program.


  • 6 nights luxury accommodation in a private country house

  • 3 delicious meals each day included

  • Daily yoga & meditation classes to help you tune in to your body, quieten your mind, and find an inner sense of peace - led by Shani (qualified yoga instructor)

  • Group empowerment workshops (will include moonifesting, working with the wheel of the year and flowing with the seasons, tapping into your cyclic nature, lunar & menstrual cycle work, archetypes, feminine & masculine energy)

  • A private 1:1 guidance session with Shani

  • Plenty of time to relax, go for scenic walks, and explore the area in your free time

  • Unlimited purified spring water, freshly brewed coffee and herbal infused teas

  • Goody bags on arrival 



Beginning in Feb 2020, we will come together virtually as a group every New Moon to explore one of the 7 Goddess archetypes:


  • the Lover

  • the Huntress

  • the Maiden

  • the Sage

  • the Queen

  • the Mother

  • the Mystic

Each circle will include a deep immersion into one of these archetypes.


You will expand your knowledge, identify which one is dominant for you and which ones are lacking, and learn how to activate and use them to transform your relationships, sacred work, spiritual foundation, wealth & abundance, and physical health. 


  • A companion workbook (sent pre-circle)

  • A guided meditation

  • Expert teaching led by Shani

  • Sharing

  • Q & A

These will be an expansion on the seeds we have sown on retreat together, and will help you to transmute your new found knowledge into action, transformation, and wisdom.


Retreats are a great catalyst for change, but the real work begins when you return home; which is why we have designed this program to offer you continued support and nourishment for the 7 months that follow.


The circle is limited to 4 women, so these will be intimate one hour sessions, where you will have time to ask questions, and receive guidance from Shani & your fellow sisters.


A time will be arranged each Moon to ensure all women can attend the virtual circle live (a group video call via Zoom), and recordings will be sent to all attendees afterwards. 


  • You want to empower yourself from within, so you can live a bolder, truer life

  • You are ready to lean in to the ancient feminine way of being in flow with the natural cycles

  • You desire space to reconnect with your mind, body & soul, and be led back to YOU

  • You are striving for harmony in all areas of your life: your relationships, sacred work, spiritual foundation, wealth & abundance, and physical health

  • You desire to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself, and weave self-love & self-care into your days

  • You are ready for a thrilling adventure that includes travel, growth, friendship, and deep discovery

  • Your heart is craving a safe, supportive, and loving sisterhood, where you can show up as your authentic self and be accepted

  • You are ready to invest your time, money, and energy into this journey, so your inner Goddess can RISE


  • Relaxed and rejuvenated, free from anything that has been holding you back or weighing you down

  • Reconnected to your mind, body & soul, at a deeper level than ever before; at peace and at home within

  • Empowered and ignited, with newfound clarity on the fierce woman you are, and desire to show up as, in the world

  • Awakened to your feminine power and the Goddess within; allowing her to guide and hold you

  • Aware of your unique gifts and strengths, knowing how to lean into them, and play to them

  • Harmonised with the natural rhythm of your body, the seasons, & the moon

  • Supported in a sacred group of sisters, with memories and bonds that will remain forever


  • One in-person retreat (details listed above)

  • 7 x live online moonly soul circles (starting Feb 2020 after our retreat)

  • Private FB group with Shani

  • Program journal & Welcome packet before we begin

  • Free gift


Shani is a bestselling author, empowerment mentor for women, CEO & founder of publishing house She Rose Revolution, leader of feminine soul awakening retreats, certified yoga teacher, and an internationally published writer.


Her articles have reached and touched millions, while her books have made their way into the hands and hearts of thousands of women worldwide. 


Shani has been on a personal and spiritual growth journey for over a decade, where she has immersed herself in exploring yoga philosophy, feminine wisdom, self-love and empowerment.


She has reached and helped thousands of women reclaim their inner power, embrace their authentic selves, and create and live a fulfilling life they love.

elyse profile (2)-min.jpg

"You have helped bring me back to life and empowered me to believe that the fierce, unapologetic warrior that lives inside of me is not too much. You have given me permission to take my power back and showed me what it means to live my best life.


I honestly think I've never felt this strong in my life. i'm a changed woman, and i'm so grateful to Shani for creating this space for us to allow ourselves just to be free."


"I have never felt the magic of a supportive sisterhood - until now. Going on this journey with other like minded women has been a highlight, and I know we will continue to be in each other's lives for a long time.

I was totally new to learning about feminine wisdom, but the way Shani teaches makes it so easy to understand and put into practice. Every woman needs to know this stuff - thank you so much Shani for showing up and doing this work!"


sam profile (2)-min.jpg

"Just do it! I was debating should i do it? I've never done this before... and I said if I don't do this, I'm never going to do it, so might as well take the leap of faith and just do it!


It has absolutely been the best experience that I've ever had in my life, and I'm going to carry this with me my entire life."



This is a 7 month journey that begins with our retreat on February 9th 2020 (on the Full Moon), and ends in August 2020 with the completion of our final online soul circle.


To ensure our circle is spacious and nourishing for all, we have limited it to just 4 women.


This journey includes one in-person retreat in England, which you will need to be available to attend.


The rest of the program is completely virtual, comprising of live group soul circles (on or close to the New Moon), workbooks (sent via email), and a few extra surprises along the way!

It doesn't matter where in the world you are based right now, or if your current lifestyle means you travel frequently (Shani does too).

As long as you have a computer/laptop & a solid internet connection, and you're willing to devote your time, energy, and money into this journey; then we would love to have you with us.


All women of all ages, races & nationalities are invited to join us for Goddess Rising 2020.


If you are being called to join us and claim one of these spaces, please continue below and request an application form.


Once you've successfully completed your application form, and we think you're a good fit for this journey; Shani will be in touch to arrange a time to speak with you, and give you more details on what we will be doing in our time together.


The total investment for Goddess Rising 2020 is $3250 (including the retreat in England detailed above). 


There will be an option to pay in full, or join a payment plan of 4 installments of $850 (taken on a recurring monthly basis, starting once your place has been confirmed). 

If you got all the way to here, and your soul is stirring to find out more and join our soul circle, please click the pink button to download an application form.

If you have any questions, please click here to get in touch with a member of our team 

Please send your completed form via email to:



If we think you're a good fit for this program, Shani will be in touch to set up a 20 minute connection call with you to discuss details, and answer any questions you might have.


Applications will close once all 4 places have been filled.