with Shani Jay

DATES: FEB 21st - 26th 2019




You're invited to join me and a sacred circle of soul sisters, on this once in a lifetime journey

of the mind, body, and soul.


When groups of like-minded women get together, magic is created.

We will learn. We will laugh. We will love.


And we will return home awakened, strengthened, and empowered within.

Reserve your spot, pack your suitcase,

and follow your heart.


Go inwards, listen, feel... let it be. Connect with your self and sisters, in a sacred feminine awakening.


Fill the new found spaces with love, healthy practices, and affirming beliefs. Grow into discoveries. Receive the gifts. Awaken to the freshness of your soul, renewed.


Sleep, swim, sunbathe… moonbathe! Move from a place of love. Nourish your heart and soul. Breathe deeply, with intention. Come home.


Let go. Dance. Cry. Laugh. Surrender. Just be in the moment, held by Mumma Nature. You’re here, now.



Get ready for a love lu'au for your mind, body & soul.

So many of us don't make time for soul work, but YOU are the most precious thing in your life - why don't we act like it?

In our daily group workshops, and 1:1 coaching sessions, we'll be digging deep to figure out what's going on within.

Most of us live in our heads all day - the place where our fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs usually rule.


We're gonna break you out of your head, and into your heart.


Because you might think you don't know what you want or what to do next - but your heart says different.


So, we're gonna do something CRAZY and listen to it.


Let things go that are weighing you down, and pick new things up that align with your heart.


Discover how you're sabotaging yourself, and replace those old habits with positive new ones.


Just watch as you come out of your shell, break through those self-imposed barriers, and figure out who you really are underneath it all. 

Shani has inspired hundreds of women worldwide, and her mission is to build their confidence and help them master self-love, so they can create a beautiful, fulfilling new life they're worthy of.


The physical practice of yoga is about getting in tune with your body, but the true definition of yoga is the union of your soul with source. It's more of a spiritual way of life than it is poses and vinyasas!

We will be getting onto our mats every day on this retreat (don't worry if you're a total beginner!), and practising different asanas; while also learning about the true principles of being a yogini, and how you can use these tools to transform your life.

You'll develop strength and grace within your body, and finish each practice feeling energised, alive, and re-connected to your soul.


All of this is inspired by the year Shani spent exploring yoga & spirituality in Bali.


We live in a masculine dominated world, where we as women have been separated from the divine feminine, and our sacred power.

Embracing our innate feminine energy is key to living a life that is in perfect harmony and in flow with Mumma nature. 

You already hold a world of wisdom and knowing inside you - it just needs unlocking :)

Here are a few of the topics you'll explore with Shani in your daily group workshops and soul circles:

  • Diving deeper into your true Goddess nature

  • Working and syncing with the moon and her energy

  • Planning your life in balance with the seasons

  • Re-connecting with your intuition & self-belief

  • Embracing your sacred feminine essence


Meditation is a deeply spiritual practice that will help you be more present in the moment, and let go of anything weighing you down. 

We'll be connecting to our hearts, doing a number of different meditations, visualisations, and breathing exercises.


These will help you feel relaxed, at peace, and with a clearer mind and sense of what you truly want from your life. 


I believe that nature has the power to heal us, inside and out, and there's something about the ocean that is captivating.


Whether you can be regularly found catching a wave, or you've always wanted to hop on a board but never have - this is going to be a beautiful adventure at sea!

With a pro surf coach, you'll get to grip with the basics in no time, and be out riding the waves with salt in your hair, while getting sun-kissed!


Just because we're not kids anymore, it doesn't mean we shouldn't make time to PLAY every day!

Sri Lanka is such a diverse and wild island to explore. Here are just a few of the adventures we've got planned for you:

  • Heart opening cacao ceremonies

  • Dancing in the moonlight

  • Watching the most glorious sunsets

  • Cooking class with a local chef

This list is yours to add to as you travel and explore this beautiful island after the retreat!


Sri Lanka has the most DELICIOUS food I've ever tasted, and I can't wait for you to try EVERYTHING!

All your meals are included in the retreat, and you'll get to taste an array of yummy, authentic, and healthy dishes that are full of flavour, and will keep you fuelled the whole week.

The menu will be a mix of vegetarian and vegan dishes, made with fresh and local ingredients; and we will accommodate any special diet requests.

We've also got a very special cooking class planned for you, where you can learn what goes into these divine dishes, and recreate them when you get home!


Ever felt like you don't belong, or struggled to find your tribe?

Ever felt stuck in a constant comparison trap, pit against and disconnected from other women?

Ever been in a room full of INCREDIBLE women, with big hearts and big dreams to match?

You're in for something special, Goddesses!

This is not just a retreat - it's a SISTERHOOD. This will be your TRIBE.


And who knows what's gonna happen after these 6 days together? Think lifelong friendships, epic collabs, and more adventures to come.


This experience will also allow you connect deeply with yourself - which is where you'll have the BIGGEST A-HA moments, and be reminded of who you truly are, and what lights your soul up.  


This exotic adventure is for women of all ages, continents & vibrations, who are ready to say YES to creating a whole new life where THEY take centre stage.

I am looking for a small group of incredible women who want to raise their vibration, are hungry for MORE, and are ready to throw themselves in to an unforgettable 6 days in the SUNSHINE with me - Shani Jay.


If you're looking to connect to your heart and your beautiful body, challenge yourself like you never have, and go on an incredible soul adventure - keep reading. 

We'll be doing yoga, surfing, and meditation (no experience is required) + getting to know each other on a real, I-see-your-soul kinda level.

We'll work on that low confidence that keeps on holding you back, and help you see that ANYTHING is possible for you if you believe it.


We'll help make a plan for you to quit that shitty job you hate, and boldly follow your passion.


We'll discover why you keep settling for less than you deserve, so you can tell that asshole: BYE.

This won't be a super relaxing retreat filled with pamper sessions, and it won't be a week of partying through the night either.  

It will be f*cking fabulous though. 

Are you ready to transform your life?



Picture a beautiful private villa filled with a group of POWERFUL women. You can see the golden sandy beach from our yoga shala on the luscious hilltop. Palm trees and fresh coconuts are a-plenty.

Located in Unawatuna - a short tuk tuk ride away from the beach - Satori Villa can accommodate up to 7 women, in a mix of single and shared rooms.

There's a private infinity pool and sundeck, plenty of peaceful spots to relax and hang out, a hilltop yoga shala, and a place to eat all our delicious meals together!


Sri Lanka truly does have it all, from tropical sandy beaches, wildlife and safari parks, mystical ancient ruins, incredible water sports, and plenty of adventure.

The South west coast is a 2 hour drive (from Bandaranaike International Airport) taking you along the stunning coastline, famous for its golden beaches, coral reefs, perfect snorkel spots, as well as deep diving. 

The area is very safe (I've been many times), with friendly locals, travellers, and sun seekers. 



  • 6 days/ 5 nights in a dreamy villa

  • All your delicious meals & drinks

  • Daily group workshops

  • One private 1:1 session with Shani 

  • Daily yoga and heart meditation sessions

  • Surfing lesson (theoretical & practical)

  • Indulgent spa session 

  • Local cooking class

  • Celebratory gala meal

  • Free gift bag

  • Insider's guide to exploring Sri Lanka

Everything apart from your flights, airport transfer, visas, and insurance, is included in the price.

The beauty of arranging your own flights means you can fly in a week earlier, or stay a couple weeks after, and go explore the rest of this magical island at your own pace!


8-9am Morning Meditation & Yoga with Shani

9-10am Breakfast

10-1pm Cacao Ceremony & Group Workshop

1-2pm Lunch

2-4pm 1:1s with Shani, Reflection, Journaling & Free time

4-6pm Group Surfing lesson at the beach

6-7pm Goddess Worship 

(i.e taking some time to pamper & care for yourself!)

7-8pm Dinner

8-9.30pm Soul Circle & Evening Meditation

10pm Lights out

You will leave this retreat re-connected to your soul, with a fire awoken within, and ready to show this world the magic running through your veins.

Reserve your spot for this exclusive retreat with Shani below, and receive your insider's guide to Sri Lanka right away.

You'll also be invited into a private Facebook group with Shani, and your fellow soul sisters who will be joining us on this retreat - so you can get to know each other before arriving in Sri Lanka.

Got a question? Email us by clicking here, and we'll get back to you.


What airport would I fly into?

Bandaranaike International Airport (this is the main airport, and it's not far from the capital Colombo)

How far is the retreat from the airport?

Unawatuna is approximately a 2 hour drive from the airport. 

What time would I need to arrive on the 21st Feb?

Our opening ceremony will begin at 4pm on the 21st, and you can arrive anytime between 3-4pm for the welcome gathering.

How will I get there?

You can hop in a taxi at the airport by heading to the 'Airport Taxis' stand. Just tell them where you're heading, and they'll sort everything for you and walk you to your vehicle! The rates are 80 Sri Lankan Rupees per km, which is very affordable.

There are buses you can catch at the airport, but I wouldn't recommend these unless you're travelling light, and you don't mind a bumpy ride!

What time do we finish on the 26th Feb?

The retreat officially ends at 11am, following our closing of circle the previous night.


If these times are tricky for flights, there are plenty of cheap villas and hotels on you can stay in either end of your trip to make things easier for you.

What do I need to bring with me?

Comfortable clothes to practice yoga & meditation in, a bikini/bathing suit for surfing and dipping in the pool, and anything else that will help you have a comfortable stay!

What if I've never practised yoga, meditation, or surfed before?

No worries! We'll be catering to all levels on this retreat.