with Shani Jay

DATE: OCT 7th - 12th 2019


Women worldwide are slowly re-awakening to their divine feminine essence. 

We are opening our hearts, reclaiming our power, and living in alignment with our deepest truths. 


We are choosing to slow down, and journey inwards.

We are grounding ourselves back into nature, which mirrors our own cyclical and seasonal nature.

This is how women rise. 

When we embody self-love, we give ourselves permission to shine the way we were destined to.

When we re-connect to the feminine within us, we tap into the ancient magic and wisdom that has been passed down from Mother Earth over thousands of years.

When we join in sacred circle with our fellow sisters, we feel seen, heard, and understood. 


We feel like we're coming home.

This is how women rise. 

And you are being called to rise...



Go inwards, listen, feel... let it be.

Connect with your self and your sisters, in a sacred feminine awakening.


Fill the new found spaces with love, healthy practices, and affirming beliefs. Receive the gifts. Awaken to the freshness of your soul, renewed.


Sleep, swim, sunbathe… moonbathe! Move from a place of love. Nourish your heart and soul. Breathe deeply, with intention.

Come home.


Let go. Dance. Cry. Laugh. Surrender. Just be in the moment, held by Mumma Nature.

You’re here, now.

The physical practice of yoga is about getting in tune with your body, but the true definition of yoga is the union of your soul with source. 

We will be stepping onto our mats every day on this retreat (don't worry if you're a total beginner!), and you'll be led through a variety of yoga styles; including hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa & restorative yin. 


We'll also be learning about the true principles of being a yogini, and how you can use these tools to transform your life.

You'll develop strength and grace within your body, and finish each practice feeling energised, alive, and re-connected to your soul.

All of this is inspired by the year Shani spent exploring yoga & spirituality in Bali.

Meditation is a deeply spiritual practice that will help you be more present in the moment, and let go of anything weighing you down. 

We'll be connecting to our hearts, doing a number of different meditations (guided & non-guided), visualisations, and breathing exercises.


These will help you feel relaxed, at peace, and with a clearer mind and sense of what you truly want from your life. 

Even if you can't sit still for 10 seconds - by the end of our 6 days together you'll have learned some powerful tools to create a simple, calming meditation practice for yourself, which feels incredible.





Having struggled with self-love during my teens and early twenties, I know just how important it is to create a healthy, loving relationship with yourself. Because this has a knock-on effect on our entire lives - our self-talk, our eating habits, our relationships, our careers & so much more.

On this women's retreat, we will be diving deep into self-love, self-esteem, and body image. We'll begin the journey of getting you feeling safe and at home in your own skin, and learn the art of self-care. We'll get clear on your current beliefs, stories, and thought patterns, and create new ones together that are based on unconditional love.

Learning to love yourself is the vital foundation to a beautiful, empowering life. 


We live in a masculine dominated world, where we as women have been separated from the divine feminine, and our sacred power.

Embracing our innate feminine energy is key to living a life that is in perfect harmony and in flow with Mumma nature.

You already hold a world of wisdom and knowing inside you - it just needs unlocking.

We'll be exploring feminine and masculine energies and how to harness these; figuring out where you're currently out of balance, and discussing how living in harmony with these energies is where our power lives as women.

We'll be tapping into and trusting our intuition and womb wisdom, practising the art of releasing control, getting comfortable with vulnerability, and learning how to live in flow.  



Working with The Wheel of The Year, the seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter), and the four elements (Earth, Fire, Air & Water); we will explore the energies and qualities of each one, which allows us to work with the natural order of the Earth, instead of against her. 


This allows an informed journey within as we begin to release, redefine, and remember; coming home to our innate female intuition, and cultivating a sacred sense of empowerment, self-love, trust, vitality and authenticity as women and sisters on this path.

We will also look above to the stars, as they reflect what manifests here below. Astrology is a powerful tool to help us know ourselves and our intentions better, and know others better too. 

The Moon reigns the night sky and the tides of the Ocean. She holds so much magic & wisdom within her sacred cycle, which is mirrored in our own menstrual cycle as women. 

We'll be exploring the key phases of the Lunar cycle, and how to create New & Full Moon rituals - alone and in circle. We'll also learn how these link to our own cycle, and the four archetypes that represent each of the four phases: Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman & Crone. 

Women are cyclical at our core; so when we fully understand these cycles and the different stages of them, we can see which ones are showing up more for us, and which ones we might be ignoring.

When we fully embrace each part of this natural cycle, we are able to transmute emotions & experiences into powerful wisdom, and we are able to feel whole again. 




We'll be weaving spirituality & yogic philosophy in to our journey in discovering who you are at a soul level, and what you came here to experience. Maybe that means a location or career change for you, or maybe even the ending or new beginning of a relationship. When all of these components are aligned on a soul level, we will feel aligned and happy with our life. 

We will also come face to face with our shadow side, confront our fears; and get comfortable standing in our personal truth, and voicing that. This is how we free ourselves from all that has been holding us back, and keeping us small. 

This is how we rise. 



Whether you're single or in a committed relationship; understanding and embodying sacred partnership is key to healthy, loving, and fulfilling relationships that not only survive the storms, but thrive. 

We'll talk about honouring ourselves and our needs as women, the art of communicating this to others, and setting clear boundaries.

We'll explore any blocks you have around giving and receiving love or pleasure, define and release any sabotaging habits that consistently show up in your life, and raise the bar of what you expect and desire from yourself and others.  

This will be a re-writing of your inner story of what you think you deserve, with what you actually deserve - which is probably a whole lot more. 


Circles of women are the most direct mirror to our deep inner wisdom. We will be coming together each day to share, learn, laugh, cry, and feel deeply and authentically, supporting each other along the way. 

This is not just a women's retreat ladies - it's a sisterhood. I've witnessed women show up to previous retreats as total strangers, and leave as close friends with incredible bonds that I believe will last a lifetime.

This is the power of women coming together in sacred circle. 

This experience will also allow you to connect deeply with yourself in a safe, supportive space - which is where you'll have the biggest ah-ha moments, and be reminded of who you truly are, and the woman you came here to be.  



This journey is for women of all ages, continents & vibrations, who are ready to say YES to creating a whole new life where they are empowered and aligned from the inside, out.

If you're looking to connect to your soul and your beautiful body, challenge yourself like you never have, and awaken your powerful feminine essence - keep reading. 

This won't be a week of pamper sessions, and it won't be a week of partying through the night either...  

But it will be life changing.

Are you ready to RISE?


Located in the gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan is home to golden beaches, turquoise waters, and lush jungle.


You'll find bustling streets lined with local food stalls, and tranquil unexplored beaches around the island.


Every month, Haad Rin Beach hosts its world famous full moon parties; and there's one scheduled for Monday 14th October, two days after our retreat ends!


If that's not your scene, don't worry - just stick to one of the more peaceful spots on the North of the island. 

We'll be coming together each day in our luxurious private villa, for all our classes & workshops, which has a private pool, sundeck, and plenty of chill-out areas for you to relax in your free time.

Things to do:


  • Scuba diving

  • Snorkelling

  • Trek to captivating waterfalls

  • Beautiful beaches

  • Full moon party

  • Thai cooking class

  • Hike up Khao Ra

  • Get a massage

  • Kayak around the island

  • Explore Ang Thong National Park

  • Explore nearby islands (Koh Samui, Ko Tao, Koh Phaluai) as well as the city of Bangkok on the mainland.



  • Accommodation in our private villa (5 nights) mix of private and twin rooms available

  • Daily Group Workshops 

  • 1:1 guidance session with Shani

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation classes

  • Evening Soul Circles

  • Cacao ceremony

  • Gala dinner (final night)

  • Photoshoot with a professional photographer

  • Free gift bag on arrival

   + Welcome pack on arrival

   + Unlimited herbal teas & water

   + Private FB group with Shani




9 -10am Meditation & Yoga

10.30 -12.30pm Group Workshop

12.30 - 4pm Lunch / Free time

4 - 5pm Yoga

5 - 6pm Soul Circle & Guided Meditation

Please note that your travel & meals are not included in the price.

There is also the option to book with or without accommodation - the choice is yours.

For those who book without accommodation: private bungalows are available on the island from $11. Check out booking.com and airbnb.com for plenty of options to suit all budgets and needs. 

You can also indulge in delicious local Thai cuisine with local meals priced at around $1-2. Getting around the island is simple and cheap using local taxis, or renting a scooter. 

And the beauty of arranging your own flights means you can fly in a week earlier, or stay a week after, and go explore the rest of Thailand at your own pace!

As soon as you reserve your place on this retreat, you'll be invited into a private FB group with all the other women attending, so you can get to know everyone before you arrive.


Please don't worry if you're coming solo - most women do - you're in safe hands, and I promise you'll make some amazing connections as soon as you arrive!

"The highlight of this experience has been meeting the women that I've met here, and how we instantly bonded and felt connected, and the friendship that we've all formed
- including with Shani - has been amazing."
- Julia

You will leave this women's retreat in Thailand re-connected to your soul, with a fire awoken within, and a deep understanding of your divine feminine essence - this is where your power lives. 

Please note, that we can only accommodate up to 7 women on this retreat, to ensure it remains intimate, and spacious for all. 


If you are being called to RISE with us, you can reserve your place below today.

(price table may take a few moments to load)





SOUL SISTER SAVING: Invite a friend/sister/mum on this journey, and you'll both receive an additional $250 off your ticket price! Just click here to email us, cc your friend, and we'll send you to the secret checkout.

Got a question? Check out the FAQs at the bottom of this page first!


If your question still hasn't been answered, please email us by clicking here, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you can't make it to this retreat, but you'd like to be kept in the loop about Shani's future retreats & early bird offers, pop your details in the box here and we'll be in touch really soon :)


Shani is on a mission to undress her beautiful soul, let her run wild & free, and lead and inspire women around the world to do the same.

She is a bestselling author, empowerment mentor, leader of feminine soul awakening retreats, and an internationally published writer.

Her articles have reached and touched millions, while her books have made their way into the hands and hearts of thousands of women worldwide.

Find out more about Shani here.


What airport would I fly into?


The nearest airport is Koh Samui (USM), which has plenty of connecting flights leaving hourly from Bangkok (BKK).


Once you get to Koh Samui, there are at least 3 ferries each day which will take you to Koh Phangan. The journey only takes around 20 minutes.


What time would I need to arrive on the 7th October?


Our opening ceremony will begin at 4pm, and you can arrive at the villa anytime from 3.30pm.


What time do we finish on the 12th October?


Our closing ceremony will end at 6pm, followed by a celebration dinner together at 7pm which will probably run to around 9pm.

Where is the villa located?


The location of our villa is TBC nearer departure date, and all the details will be given to you in our private Facebook group. It will be located in a safe, peaceful spot, to ensure you have a restful week on retreat. Koh Phangan is a small island, and it doesn't take long to get from one end to the other.

Will the accommodation be a private or shared room?


We have a mix of private and twin rooms available, each with their own private bathrooms - these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If you're coming with a friend, we will organise it so that you either have your own private rooms, or are placed in a twin room together.


What do I need to bring with me?


Comfortable clothes to practice yoga & meditation in, a bikini/bathing suit for dipping in the pool, a pen & journal to reflect in, your favourite outfit for your photoshoot and another one for our gala dinner, + anything else that will help you have a comfortable stay! 

You won't need a yoga mat, as we will be providing these for you.


What if I've never practised yoga or meditation before?


No worries! We'll be accommodating all levels on this retreat.