The Wolf Pack is Shani's Moonly Mentoring offering

For the women who seek a deeper connection to themselves, the divine feminine & sacred sisterhood

Join us in circle every full moon

Women have long-since been gathering in circle, living in sync with the natural cycles of the moon.


For She is the feminine which so many of us have forgotten, and now seek.


Women  - me included - are tired of being lone wolves.


We thrive in community, which is why we're craving sisterhood today more than ever. 


You are not alone. Your wolf pack is here, and always has been.


Are you hearing the call to join us?

Every Full Moon, we'll come together LIVE for a sacred women's circle.


These circles will be woven with a mix of meditation, mentoring, ritual and discussion.



Every full moon, we will gather for a live 60 minute soul circle (via Zoom).


Our circle will consist of:

  • a guided meditation

  • an expert teaching by Shani

  • a group share

  • Q&A


+ lots more surprises along the way


As soon as you join The Wolf Pack, you'll be sent an exclusive journal filled with thoughtful inquiries, to help you get started on your journey back to yourself. 

You'll also get a circle worksheet to help you reflect on your learnings and breakthroughs during each of our sessions together.


If for whatever reason you can't join us live, all recordings will be sent out to you after the live session.

These will be yours for life - to dip into, and watch again, depending on what guidance you're seeking.


You'll also get an exclusive 25% discount on a private, one-to-one mentoring session with Shani; so you can receive personal guidance wherever you need it most in your life today.


You'll be invited into a private online group with Shani and your fellow sisters.


This is where you can continue to connect between sessions, be seen & heard, and receive support and encouragement from wise women. 


Embodying self love

Returning home to your body

Creating a sacred morning & evening ritual

Priestess pathing

Shadow & light work: exposing your fears and insecurities

Understanding & working with the lunar cycle, & your menstrual cycle

Feminine & masculine energy

Goddess & archetypal work

Understanding and harnessing your sacred feminine super powers

Money & abundance

The truth of your soul

Yogic philosophy & spirituality

  • You want to empower yourself from within, so you can live a bolder, truer life

  • You are ready to lean in to the ancient feminine way of being in flow with the natural cycles of the moon

  • You desire space to reconnect with your mind, body & soul, and be led back to YOU

  • You are striving for harmony in all areas of your life: your relationships, sacred work, spiritual foundation, wealth & abundance, and physical health

  • You dream of working with a coach but you don't have a huge budget

  • You desire to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself, and weave self-love & self-care into your days

  • You're ready to explore the feminine that lives within & without, and tap into your feminine super powers

  • You are ready for a soul adventure that includes growth, transformation, friendship, and deep discovery

  • Your heart is craving a safe, supportive, and loving sisterhood, where you can show up as your authentic self and be accepted

  • You are ready to invest your time, money, and energy into this journey, so your inner Goddess can RISE



"You have helped bring me back to life and empowered me to believe that the fierce, unapologetic warrior that lives inside of me is not too much. You have given me permission to take my power back and showed me what it means to live my best life.


I honestly think I've never felt this strong in my life. i'm a changed woman, and i'm so grateful to Shani for creating this space for us to allow ourselves just to be free."

- Elyse

"100% - Shani has been an amazing person to work with."

- Julia

"Shani Jay is raw, vulnerable, and passionate - a phenomenal woman who came into my life at the right time.."

- Mariana


If you discover The Wolf Pack is not for you, you can cancel your monthly membership anytime


Shani is a bestselling author, empowerment mentor for women, CEO & founder of She Rose Revolution, leader of feminine soul awakening retreats, certified yoga teacher, and an internationally published writer.


Her articles have reached and touched millions, while her books have made their way into the hands and hearts of thousands of women worldwide. 


Shani has been on a personal and spiritual growth journey for over a decade, where she has immersed herself in exploring yoga philosophy, feminine wisdom, self-love and empowerment.


She has reached and helped thousands of women reclaim their inner power, embrace their authentic selves, and create and live a fulfilling life they love.