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shani jay
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Writer, Artist, Rebel, Feminist, Warrior,
Priestess, Creatrix, Space Holder, Queen of fashion, Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon, Capricorn Rising, Lover of PINK PEONIES, tropical islands & sunsets.

shani jay

Ask me what I do for a living, and I'll tell you I hold a mirror to your soul so you can see how beautiful you already are.

But who I am changes every second of every day. This is what it means to grow.

The Shani I was yesterday is gone.

The Shani I will be tomorrow is still being written.

shani jay

I am here in this lifetime as an Artist to help women reclaim their forgotten power, embody their sacred feminine gifts, and dare to walk their soul path.

And the only way I can teach you to do this is by being the one to go first, with no more than my inner light to lead the way. By finding the courage to walk my own path, to question everything I think I believe, to let go of what does not serve me, and to blindly trust my heart. To do the thing that scares me the most, even when I don't have the answers because I know that this is where I will find healing, peace, and transformation.

And it is my hope that you find the same.

Born in South London, but grew up as a brown girl in a mostly white village. Sri Lankan & Indian heritage, middle child, black sheep, introverted and sensitive "good" girl. Spent most of my early life trying to make my parents proud of me and bend to their definition of success. The paradox is that I was born with a strong aversion to authority, and the rebel archetype within me is ever-present, but I suppressed her until my mid-twenties. Always felt different and a lack of belonging, whether it was at home or school. Got bullied, was betrayed by women so many times (twisting the knife into my existing witch wound), and struggled immensely to find my voice and speak my truth.

myjourney so far...

Loved drawing, coloring, arts & crafts, astrology, reading, and writing stories for as long as I can remember. Excelled at school but loathed it, particularly having to conform and wear an ugly uniform. Had a deep desire to help people, but none of the traditional paths of service appealed to me. Introduced to Christianity by my Mother and Buddhism by my father, neither of which felt aligned. I was hungry to find the right spiritual path, but knew that modern religion was not the way. 

Discovered fashion as a tool for self-expression and decided to pursue a career as a fashion designer despite my parents constantly trying to convince me to do something more "sensible," like become an accountant. Came out of my shell a little more, graduated with a BA in fashion design, moved to Sri Lanka for a design internship, then worked for several leading UK high-street brands.

Got paid to do a job that other girls would kill for, more free shoes than I had closet space for, and I was living the younger me's dream. But inside, I was watching my energy drain in an unfulfilling 9-5, numbing myself with alcohol, attracting unavailable men, and dreaming of something more... but I had no idea what that looked like or how to find my way. Frustration. Anger. Resentment. Quarter-life crisis. I didn't know it at the time, but I was heart-deep in a soul initiation that would change the trajectory of my life.

Rediscovered my love for writing again and started getting published on platforms like Thought Catalog & Teen Vogue. Wove a half-baked plan to leave my job and make a living through writing. Followed my heart, left the prison, and returned to Sri Lanka for a wedding and to escape winter. Got offered to write a book, and at 26, Bloom was published. Wrote a lot more, reached millions with my words, and realized that this was a gift; this was how I was going to be of service.

Lived as a digital nomad in Bali, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Immersed myself in the philosophy of yoga; some of it felt right, while other parts weren't hitting. Had my birth chart read to me for the first time, and it blew my mind. So many puzzle pieces clicked into place. Became fascinated with all things witchy, the moon, the menstrual cycle, and feminine energy. Delved deeper into this ancient wisdom, and it felt like a homecoming. Created my own media company, Revoloon. Kept writing, editing, and sharing other women's stories. Moved back to the UK, bought a tiny townhouse in the city, and wrote another book, Lunacy.

Trained as a Priestess. Found my way to my soul family and lineage on the Venus path. Took a vow to stay true to my soul path, to serve the feminine, and commit to doing the inner work every day in my Temple. 

I'm still writing, and the rest is still unwritten.

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