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what is temple?

You can think of Temple as a retreat for your soul in the stars.

Through these doors, you will find a collection of soul-led initiations and journeys, all of which have been co-created by me, and the Universe, to help you reconnect with the template and timeline of the feminine, within & without.


who is temple for?

For the women who are remembering, awakening, and coming home to themselves.

For the women who wish to reconnect with their divine feminine essence and reclaim their sacred feminine power.

For the women who ready to immerse themselves in a safe, supportive, nourishing haven where they can cocoon, learn, shed, and evolve into their most magnificent self.

are you ready to join me in temple?

You can work with me directly (in one of my 1:1 programs) or indirectly (through a self-led digital course or download). 

Let your intuition guide you as you commit to the journey that is right for in this moment and where you'd like to grow. 

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shani's current offerings 

my guides
& journey
so far

Violetta Pleshakova - Cosmic Femme Priestess Training 2023 | Johanna Elina - Erotic Radiance 2023 | Priscilla Presley - Forward Female 2022 | YTT200 One Yoga Thailand 2019 | Lee Harris 2019 | Christine Arylo - Feminine Wisdom Way 2018-19 | Kyle Cease - The Limitation Game & The Entrepreneurial Shift 2018  | Kris Carr 2018 | Levi Banner - Shamanic Astrology 2018 | Janne Robinson 2018 | Satyatma (Kion) Vijnanadeva - Yogic Philosophy 2018 | Psalm Isadora - Tantra Touch & Sacred Sex 2017 | Personal yoga & meditation practice since 2008

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