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shani jay
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Writing is my craft. It's my way of collating my thoughts, moving through my many emotions and wrapping them into an eloquent bundle that holds a mirror to your soul, so you can see how beautiful you already are. 

I believe I am here in this lifetime to be of service. To be a bridge between the two worlds. To be a pillar of light. I am willing to go first and do my own shadow work and transformation, and I hope it gives you the courage to do the same. 

In 2019, I created Revoloon - a WOC-founded media company that publishes authentic, uncensored articles on topics like the moon and menstrual cycle, witchcraft, sex and female pleasure, astrology, holistic wellness, and spirituality + your stories. 

A retreat for your soul in the stars

Through these doors, you will find a collection of soul-led initiations and journeys to help you reconnect with your divine feminine essence & reclaim your sacred feminine power.

shani jay


"It is rare to meet someone who is so open, vulnerable & authentic, and clear, confident & collected at the same time. Being in your presence I felt an opening & letting go in my being - your presence gives people permission to cry out the tears they've been holding onto for a long time."


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