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shani jay
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Writing is my craftIt's my way of collating thoughts, moving through the ocean of emotions and alchemizing them into a soothing balm that is medicine for your heart & fire for your soul.

I believe I am here in this lifetime to be of service to the divine feminine. To be a bridge between the two worlds & a pillar of light. 

Lineage: Priestess of Goddess Hathor & The Venus Path.

In 2019, I created Revoloon - a media company for the awakening woman who is hungry to delve deeper into the nature, magic, and wisdom of womanhood and reclaim and unleash her wild feminine power.

walk the venus path with me

Restore the rhythm & template of the divine feminine, embody the frequencies of love, beauty, pleasure, art & sacred sex, and become more of who you already are... 

shani jay


"It is rare to meet someone who is so open, vulnerable & authentic, and clear, confident & collected at the same time. Being in your presence I felt an opening & letting go in my being - your presence gives people permission to cry out the tears they've been holding onto for a long time."


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